Crowd Funding

Contribute For The Truth: Crowd Funding

In order to continue delivering his controversial and hard hitting films, Jose Escamilla needs your contributions and your support TODAY!

Crowd Funding allows Jose to raise the necessary funds to purchase footage, music rights, hire film crews, cast, narrators, 5.1 Ch. Mixed down, and for marketing the films worldwide with the hope of sharing something truly special about our place here in the universe. All of these expenses are the foundational costs to any film regardless of its content.

If nothing more, please contribute a $1.00 or up. ALL of the funds go towards the making of these incredible films and if you have seen at least half of Jose's productions, this amazing researcher and film Director deserves our collective support!

Pick any one of the films listed under the "Crowd Funding Menu" on the right side bar of your screen and see how you can join us in the making of these thought provoking films that can be found exclusively on

For people who are looking to donate to TBLN Films simply wanting to support and further Jose Escamilla's UFO research, please do so by using the donation button featured below.

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