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A lot of strange things have been happening in Pinetree, a small resort community located in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Small animals, cattle, sheep and even bear have been mutilated by what authorities believe is a satanic cult.

A freak electrical storm produces lightening and thunder disturbing the peaceful clear night sky. The thunder is creating tremors and an unusual purple fog looming deep in the forest. In the nearby open plains, the strangest tornado ever recorded in the history of weather anomalies forms near a radio tower.

Bob Hatch the forest ranger, has lost contact with his rescue team somewhere deep in the forest. Tourists are about to arrive in droves to celebrate the first summer party weekend; Memorial Day Weekend in Pinetree Forest.

More reports are coming in of strange lights, UFOs and the Chupacabra running loose in the forest. Tiger Davis, the most feared man in the mountains has suddenly surfaced and is stealing bags of raw meat from the local diner.

Just mentioning his name makes people scramble and hide like cockroaches. There are creatures in the forest that are running amok.  Very calculating, very strong, very fast and very hungry!

No one knows they are in the forest.....because they shouldn't exist.

They are called Deinonychus (Dine-non-i-kus), which means 'Terrible Claw' in Latin.  They are five feet tall, ten feet long dinosaurs.  Somehow, they slipped through a time-warp and they're back!

There are two things to avoid during this Memorial Day Weekend.

Ravenously hungry dinosaurs on the rampage and Tiger Davis.

"nature always finds a way of assuring us. . . .we are NOT in control . . . ." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~